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Kingstone Investment Management

KINGSTONE Investment Management, founded by the Schomberg family, is an owner-managed investment boutique for German and international institutional capital, offering a broad range of products and a holistic investment approach. Through this unique investment platform which we have created, we invest on behalf of our institutional clients in individual properties, portfolios and development projects with particularly promising potential for value appreciation. In addition to our own real estate and business expertise in our core activities, we draw on the expertise of specialised local partners selected according to a geographic and sectoral best-in-class approach. The result is a wide-ranging investment management platform that offers institutional investors a “one-stop shopping” solution for their real estate investments in the German market.

We bring together the combined experience of two generations of Schombergs in real estate investing and professional asset management. Our extensive network of contacts in the German and international real estate sector and among top-tier German and international investors, along with a comprehensive range of services, enable us to offer our investors excellent investment opportunities in the local market. In addition to the Schomberg family as primarily shareholder, Pegasus Capital Partners is playing a key role as strategic co-shareholder. Pegasus Capital Partners, a property developer, investor and mezzanine specialist based in Erlangen near Nuremberg, is backed by Sontowski & Partner Group and major German family offices. Pegasus provides KINGSTONE with exclusive off-market access to a diversified and high quality real estate pipeline, including investment opportunities in the Core, Core Plus, Value-Add and Opportunistic risk classes.

With our proven track record in real estate investing and close knowledge of the German market, our aim is simply this:
To be your trusted investment partner in Germany, and to deliver the professionalism and quality for which the Schomberg name has long been known.

„With its ‘One face to the customer’ concept, KINGSTONE offers us the significant advantage that we are able, with KINGSTONE, to meet all of our investment requirements across different asset classes without having to repeatedly discuss these with multiple different specialized partners. This saves us time and resources.“


Why KINGSTONE Investment Management

The German real estate market continues to be regarded as a “safe haven”, particularly among international investors. Against the backdrop of this very strong demand for real estate investments in Germany, access to prime investment opportunities is scarce and is, for those who can deliver this access, a valuable and unique selling proposition. KINGSTONE offers its investing clients this access, along with professional management of their real estate investment holdings.

The varied professional backgrounds of our senior management team provide the ideal combination of local market knowledge, exhaustive contacts throughout Germany and internationally, and access to a strong ongoing deal pipeline.

Philipp Schomberg, Executive Partner, brings a superb personal network among international investors and specialized local asset managers, developed over his many years as a private equity investor in real estate throughout Europe. With his experience, in particular, as an investment manager for one of the Middle East’s major sovereign wealth funds (Abu Dhabi Investment Council), Philipp Schomberg is intimately familiar with the special needs and requirements of foreign investors.

Dr. Tim Schomberg, Managing Partner, previously held various management positions over several years with the German arm of a major Swedish investment management group, from which he brings an extensive knowledge in real estate, in the management of investment funds and investment portfolios, and in business development.  Through the Schomberg family’s long-standing contacts with Pegasus Capital Partners and Sontowski & Partner Group, the decision was made to combine forces to take advantage of synergies and to provide unique solutions for institutional investors: to offer access, through investment portfolios, to a strong and ongoing deal pipeline; to serve these investors as a professional, institutional investment manager; and to share the combined investing expertise of two generations of Schombergs.

KINGSTONE Investment Management was specifically founded in recognition of the strong interest among international institutional investors in the German property market but, at the same time, the high hurdles which these institutions face in direct active investment in Germany because of language, market and cultural differences.

With KINGSTONE Investment Management, Philipp and Tim Schomberg are continuing the family’s long tradition in the field of investment management: Bärbel Schomberg, in addition to her prominent career with international fund management groups, has made a significant contribution to the professionalization of the German fund industry through her three decades of active involvement with major industry associations, including leadership roles in the German Investment Fund Association (BVI) and German Property Federation (ZIA).

The varied and complementary expertise of the senior management team, coupled with their strong family identity and the family’s deeply held values, are the bedrock of a company with a unique character, and built upon these same fundamental values:

Mutual trust built upon transparent processes, honesty, reliability, professionalism and respectful cooperation.


Real estate investment managers who are also experienced professional investors

  • Institutional investment process, from initial acquisition all the way through to final exit
  • Agility to quickly seize investment opportunities, with short, transparent decision-making paths
  • Depth and breadth of real estate expertise
  • Specialised know-how in the design and structuring of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles in both Germany and Luxembourg (via framework agreements with regulated partners)
  • Transparent processes, including for detailed investor reporting and professional risk management
  • Customised investment solutions perfectly tailored to investor needs
  • Experienced investment management across various property types and risk classes

First-class access to a strong, ongoing deal pipeline

  • Exclusive off-market access to real estate transaction pipeline of co-owner Pegasus Capital Partners, as well as through own network
  • Existing properties, forward funding and purchase structures, development projects, revitalisation projects
  • Investment opportunities in Core, Core Plus, Value-Add and Opportunistic risk classes

Comprehensive range of services spanning the entire real estate value chain

  • Transaction management, portfolio management, fund management, asset management and debt management capabilities across various risk and usage classes
  • Specialised investments through selected partners offered via our investment management platform

Our company’s principles: “One-stop shopping” and “One face to the customer”

  • Local partner in Germany, with strong international connections
  • Direct investments without inefficiencies and additional costs of international hubs or other intermediaries



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