Investment Profile

The focus of our investment strategy is on properties, portfolios and development projects in the German market which offer promising potential for value appreciation. In this, our particular focus is on office, residential and logistics investments across all risk classes. KINGSTONE Investment Management is able to cover the entire value chain of real estate investment activities, from acquisition to exit. For investments in highly specialised areas, we form joint venture arrangements with specialist asset management partners in Germany, selected according to a geographic and sectoral best-in-class approach and tailored to specific needs. Through these arrangements, we are able to serve our clients with real estate investment management which is dynamic, adapting to client needs throughout the investing cycle.

The regional focus of our property investing is by no means limited to Germany’s seven largest metropolitan areas but rather seeks attractive opportunities and investment locations throughout Germany (including gateway cities as well as other attractive metropolitan regions). We offer a specialised investment platform for the entire German real estate market.

Our complete investment criteria may be found in the following investment profile:

Investment Profile (.pdf)

„In KINGSTONE Investment Management, we have found the local hub that knows both the world of international investors and the language of the German target market. This gives us the security we need when investing in a foreign country.“

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